Principal’s Message


Mrs. Jasmeet Kaur, Principal, Sharda Global School

It should be the dream of every teacher to make life a powerful and energizing reality not only in their own life, but in the life of every student. Every student deserves to have a big dream that empowers him to achieve the best in life with energetic tenacity.

Let us give the children a chance to know the very best in humanity and inspire them to make the right, maturely informed choices, rather than confine them within a narrow range of fierce competition for the best jobs. This requires an understanding, compassionate promotion of the children, both by the parents and the teachers.

They have enough time to pursue any kind of vocational understanding or training once the children complete their high school studies and formation that addresses their full person in holistic way. This can be done only by a true-leader teacher. They should find ways to instil these skills in students who in turn will discover a lot more skills on their own by practice.

We are trying to imbibe such qualities in the children and trying to make the children realize their potential and do their best in every field of life .The management and staff of the school are continuously and untiringly trying to develop the children in a very effective way.

I am grateful to all the persons for contributing their ideas and helping during this endeavour to develop children.

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