Rules & Regulations


  • All the students have to speak in English.
  • No leave is granted during the term-time except under very urgent/humanitarian grounds.
  • Unauthorized absence from the school shall be considered as a serious misconduct.
  • Periodic reports of the student’s progress will be sent to the parents.
  • In all matters pertaining to the studies, behaviour and welfare of the students, the Principal’s decision is final and binding.
  • Parents/Guardians are bound by the school rules in all respects. In all matter of dispute, the decision of the Principal is final.
  • In case of damage to the school property and the loss of library books, the recovery will be made from the parent of the student concerned.
  • Birthdays are not celebrated in the school by distributing sweets or any kind of presents.
  • A student who is unwell should not be sent to school. In case of emergency, medical fees and transport charges will be borne by the parents. Students suffering from contagious or infectious diseases are not permitted to attend the school.
  • Any sort of complaints/suggestions regarding school matters should be handed over to Principal and not to the class teachers.
  • Parents or Guardians can request a meeting with the teacher only with the prior permission of the Principal and should never approach the teacher directly in the classroom.
  • For breach of any school rules, a student may be fined or otherwise punished at the discretion of the Principal.



  • All children must reach the school on time
  • Students/Parents should avoid offering gifts or presents to any of the staff at any time.



  • All students must wear only prescribed uniform on all weekdays without making any alterations. It should always be clean and properly ironed.



  • Irregular attendance and unjustified absence justifies dismissal. Students must not be kept away from the school for celebrations like engagements, marriages, pujas, etc.
  • The parents of the children who remain absent even for a day must write a note in the ‘Leave and Absence Record’ in the almanac stating the reason for absentee. It must be signed by both parents as well as the teachers.
  • In case of a long sickness, a letter must be sent to the Principal on a neat sheet of paper enclosed in an envelope with appropriate details written on it. Parents must not wait to send this intimation until the child recovers. Parents must produce a medical certificate for absence on account of illness.
  • Attendance is compulsory on Independence Day Celebration, Republic Day Celebration, first and last working day of each session.


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