• It is absolutely mandatory that the students speak in English in the school.
  •  Students are answerable to the school authorities for their conduct both in and outside the school.
  • Running about and shouting inside any area of the campus is not allowed. Destruction or damage of school property is strictly forbidden. Scribbling on the walls and furniture is not allowed. Strict disciplinary action will be taken by the Management against students violating the above rules.
  • Students should keep the classrooms, corridors and school ground clean. Use dustbins to dispose off any scrap. 
  •  Parents, please inculcate the value of tolerance and patience in your children. The Management will be forced to take disciplinary action, against physically aggressive/abusive students
  • The student may be removed from the school for 
  • Non payment of school dues 
  • Using unfair means in any examination
  • Consistent unsatisfactory progress / conduct harmful to other students
  •  Immorality
  • Contempt of authority and grave insubordination. 
  • Stealing or extortion of money/items from other students.
  • Exceeding bounds
  • Damaging school property 
  • Any word or action likely to undermine the reputation of the institution
  • Bullying, assaulting and ragging in any form.
  • We respect religious sentiments. However, we request the parents not to make FASTING compulsory for the children. It has been often observed that the children who are fasting are unable to cope with the various activities planned by the school and sometimes feel giddy, drowsy and some even faint. These children cannot be given first aid too, if required. Kindly keep the child at home if you wish that he/ she should fast.
  •  No religious practices will be allowed in the campus.
  • No birthday invitations will be given to the students by the tuitors on behalf of parents. No contact numbers or addresses of the other parents will be provided by the tuitor, school office or academic office under any circumstances
  • Following items are strictly prohibited for the students to be carried in the school campus knives of any kind including paper cutters and toy knives, any sound system, toy guns, pets, any kind of electronic games such as PSP, cameras, call phones, l-pods, etc.

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    Admission and Withdraw
    1.  An Admission test will be administered for those seekingadmissions from Grade 1 onwards. All the students, whose admissions are done for the new session, will have to attend the orientation program, along with their parents
    2. A candidate who has previously  not attended any recognized school shall procedure an birth certificate
    3. Candidates who have attended a recognized school will not be admitted without a Transfer Certificate from the school he/she has last attended. In case of candidates coming from a school outside Jharkhand state, the certificate must be countersigned by the Local Education Officer of the place where the previous school is situated.
    4. Kindly ensure to provide all information related to the medical history of your child during the admission procedure itself. For instance, any ailments, allergies, disease etc. are to be mentioned in the Medical form provided in the prospectus. It is utmost importance for the school authorities to know about the same.
    5. Please do not send the fees or any kind of payment/letter/note/verbal messagefor your child to the school through any tutor / administrative member, driver orsupport staff of the school.
    6. The notice of withdrawal from the school should be given in writing on theprescribed form, available at the school office at least one month advance. Theexact date of withdrawal must be mentioned. After the date of withdrawal, the child should stop coming to school.
    7. The School Leaving Certificate will be issued only after all dues are paid.
    8. If the child does not report after the start of the academic session and there is no intimation application for L.C is given by the parents, though the child has not attend theschool for a single day, the parents would be liable to pay the fees payable/applicationform the first day of the academic session till the date of application of LC
    Academic Session For Std I To Grade XII
    1. For Std 1 – Grade X & XII the academic session will begin from April and Std XI after the declaration of Board results.
    2. The quarters for paying the School fees and conveyance fees are April to June; July to September; October to December and January to March.
    3. Payment should be made in cash only.
    4.  School fees and conveyance fees have to be paid in advance at every quarter on or before the dates given below. If not paid by the due date, Students will be required to pay the late fine as follows.
    5. On account of the hike in the cost of the basic commodities (fuel cost, maintenance cost etc.) there may be an increment of 5% to 10% in the school and conveyance fees on yearly basis. Please treat this as a prior intimation for the same.




    Please follow the rules to ensure the well being of your child. You are expected to co-operate with school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline by ensuring that your child/children observe all rules and regulations.

    1. In no way, will the child be allowed to be taken off the campus for a few hours or would be granted any special leave. The child will be allowed to go home only on the designated long weekends and vacation mentioned in the Boarder’s Handbook Please note that if the pocket money balance in your child’s account is zero

    2.  Please note that if the pocket money balance in your child’s account is zero negative then no purchases for your child will be done by the school unless and until required amount is deposited in the pocket money account of your child / children.

    3.  Boarders are strictly advised not to interact with any outsiders visiting the school campus.

    4. If any school property is damaged by a boarder, appropriate fine charges will have to be paid by the parents.
    5. The gifts in cash or kind by the parents or by the boarders to any staff members, tuitors, administrative staff, support staff etc. is strictly prohibited.
    6. After checking in the Boarding Houses, if any extra stuff/snacks are found in your child / children’s luggage, the same will be couriered back to the parents & the couriers charges will be deducted from the pocket money account.

    7. School does not permit students to wear make-up, nail polish etc. Any boarder found using such items will be not allowed to check in the Boarding Houst Application of Mehendi is forbidden in school. If applied, due to any reason, Kindy do not send your child school till it fades out completely or, the child would be suspended for 10 days and will be sent back home immediately either with you or with the school arrangements. If school arrangements are used, then charges for the same will be borne by the parents.
    8. Boarding students who remain absent for more than a month without notice are likely to be struck off the rolls of the school.

    9. If notifications/updates/ information sent by the school through circular andsms are not read properly by the parents, the school will not be responsible for the same.

    10. During June to August or for the first three months from the date of admission, annual boarders’ parents must avoid visiting the school and help the child to settle down in the new environment and make friends with his/her peers.

    11. Annual boarders returning from vacation must provide written details with an authorized medical certificate of any ailment, illness, hospitalization or accident.

    12. The school does not accept responsibilty for any loss of property of any child. Large sums of money and valuables should not be brought to school. Students are strictly prohibited from bringing electronic gadgets, valuables or mobile phones with camera/Internet etc. to the school. This rule is applicable for all extra curricular activities in academics and sports after school hours, on Saturdays and other holidays. If any of the above items are found with the children, the same will be taken and kept into the school custody.
    13. Parents are advised to take note that 75% attendance is required for a child to be promoted at the end of the year. Repeated long absences could result in detention in the same class.

    14. Any change in address, phone number and e-mail address should be communicated to the school office immediately in writing via e-mail/letter/application.
    15. It is compulsory for your child to participate in all the events that are planned by the school.

    16. If any student leaves the school campus without permission, the school authorities may lodge an FI.R. with the local Police Station and parents have no right to question and raise objection to this action. The school will not be responsible for any mishap in such circumstances.

    17. A fine will be charged in case of loss of Prefect / Council Member Badges.
    18. Parents are requested to note that SGS campus is extremely clean hence you are advised to adhere from using chewing gums, tobacco, smoking etc.
    19. Parents are requested to maintain the speed limit of 20 km/hr while driving inside the campus at any given time to maintain the safety of the residential staff, children and boarding students.