Director Academics Message

Director Academics Message

Dr. (Mrs.) Ranjana Swarup, Director Academics, Sharda Global School

I have taken a total human resource development approach to education. Every person has an innate urge and a goal to be the best, to do things excellently and to experience a sense of fulfilment, competence and self-confidence at all levels of our existence. Genuinely holistic progress is an inalienable right of every human being especially our children.

When we endeavour to develop a child in a holistic way, there is so much a person or a child can experience in their personal growth, and can contribute to the growth of others. Right from the start the teachers and the parents must have a commitment to develop every child fully, in all six dimensions, aiming at a balanced, erudite and refined, and a matured personality.

We at this school are concerned about the need of the hour and are trying to prepare the children to be excellent human beings, imbued with high values, right attitude and motivating visions, and enabling them to be lifelong learners, especially in the areas of emotional, social and spiritual intelligence and make them daring to take the less travelled road.

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