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Sharda Global School”, as the name defines it is a blend of heritage and new thoughts which ensures that a child will be of ethical values and of a global mindset. We believe that every child is unique with his own set of skills & talent. Each one carries the blue print of his life within him. All that is called for is, giving the child a perfect environment, which would help in recognizing his true potential in that particular area. We embrace the challenge of nurturing individual talents and strengths into valued accomplishments by providing holistic education that develops leadership, character, academic excellence, social responsibility and physical wellness. “Sharda Global School”, aims at providing quality education to empower each student to have a true sense of self-worth and a respect for diversity which will enable him to build his identity to find his purpose in life and to be value of society

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Our Vision

To provide value based education with new innovations and ideas so that our pupils be the persons others choose to follow. Our students must grow as thinkers, learners and agents of both change and collaboration.

Our Mission

The school’s mission is to provide opportunities to learners to fulfil our vision, our aim is to help a child realize his inner strength and give him conducive environment to grow and evolve as a good social being and a Global Citizen who always live with values and behaves ethically.

Our Aims

Bearing in mind our overall vision, and building upon these long-standing values and principles, we have distilled our ambitions for the next stage of our development.

We value teaching

that inspires pupils and stimulates intellectual curiosity that encourages intellectual rigour and the ability to make informed judgements; that helps pupils to know how to think, rather than what to think

Our Unique Pillars of SGS

Academic Excellence

Nurturing Students to achieve academic excellence through innovative teaching methods

Holistic Development

Learning beyond the classrooms through extra curricular activities to ensure all-round development

Safe Campus

Ensuring the safety of every child on campus through comprehensive security measures.

Personal Attention

Expert and experienced teachers who provide personal attention to each student 

Best-in Class Infrastrucure

World-class infrastructure to support academic and co-curricular activities


Our Transportation is pick and drop with extra security


SGS Time line(How Fast We Grew)


NO-Objection Certificate (NOC)

NO-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Government for C.B.S.E. Affiliation purpose within a year i.e. on 18th February, 2016.



SGS was established in April, 2015

Affiliation for CBSE

Second affiliation

for Std XII Senior secondary School by C.B.S.E. on 29th August, 2019


First affiliation

SGS got its first affiliation for secondary school by C.B.S.E. on 25th May, 2017

Championship event
Championship Event

Championship Event

With an aim to promote healthy and fierce competition and also encouraging maximum students’ participation in our school, SGS organised the CBSE East Zone Taekwondo Championship from 1st to 3rd Oct, 2019 & Chess Championship from 12th to 15th Oct, 2019.

School Events

School Events

The school aims at the holistic development of the child. Many events were organised in school i.e. Grand parents day, Annual function, Sport’s day, Kargil Diwas, Janmashtami, etc.


Game: Taekwondo, Badminton, Wrestling, Shooting, Basketball, Football, Kabaddi, Chess

7 Gold Medals, 6 Silver Medals, 14 Bronze Medals at 1 International, 6 National, 10 State Level and 1 District Level Championship.


Game: Taekwondo, Badminton, Wrestling, Shooting

2 Gold Medals, 4 Silver Medals, 4 Bronze Medals at 8 National and 4 State Level Championship.


Game: Taekwondo

7 Gold Medals, 2 Silver Medals, 2 Bronze Medals at 1 National, 1 State and 1 District Level Championship.


Game: Taekwondo, Rope Skipping

5 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals, 2 Bronze Medals at 1 State and 2 District Level Championship


Game : Taekwondo

1 Gold Medal at State Championship.

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